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10 Most beautiful Animals Found on Earth

Earth is a special planet, which houses many different types of species that expose the incredible wonders of evolution to mankind. Some of them are incredible to look at while some of them are not. Among the more good looking ones, this list is comprised of some of the most beautiful looking animals on the planet. Whether they be household or wild, avian or aquatic, large or small, everyone is considered and the most beautiful are included.

It’s not surprising that this list mostly has endangered species (they are endangered for a reason) like the snow leopard or the white lion, even the tigers. These are some of the examples of the animals included in the list.

Now on with the list:

10. Snow Leopard

snow leopard

The snow Leopard are big cats that live in the mountain ranges of central and southern Asia. This is an endangered species, its global count is somewhere between 4000-7000 adults. This cat is widely known and coveted for its incredible looking fur. The distinguishing marking on its fur help the leopard to hide from its prey.

9. African Elephant

african elephant

African Elephants are considered to be the largest animals on the planet. They are slightly larger than their Asian counterparts. They have distinguishable ears (Asian ones have round, African ones have somewhat triangular)


8. Andalusian Horse

The Andalusian is a horse that was bred from the Iberian Peninsula. This horse is a performance horse as such is well known as a war horse and was a common sight for nobility.


7. Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a working dog breed, its mostly used as sled dogs. It has a very dense double coat, triangular ears. This breed of dogs are very active and resilient. These dogs were primarily only used as sled dogs but nowadays they are very popular (because of their unique appearance) as house pets, even as show dog.



6. White Lion

The Lion is the most majestic looking animal and is considered to be the king of beasts or king of the jungle. Lions are sexually dimorphic. Lions are the second largest cat alive on planet. The males have a distinguishable mane. The white lion is a color mutation of a normal lion.



5. Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger

The Tiger is considered to be the most beautiful among the cat family. Adult tigers weigh over 300Kg and are nearly 3.3 meters in length. Healthy tiger can potentially live up to 26 years. Sadly all the six species of tiger are endangered. The Siberian tiger is the largest found in the eastern region of Russia. The most striking feature of tigers are the striped fur which is the perfect camouflage in high grassy lands.


4. California Red-Sided Garter Snake

Red Sided Snake

California Red Sided Garden snakes are generally common snakes found in California. These belong to the species of Garter snakes which are also called as garden snakes or gardener snake. These snakes are harmless and can grow up to a medium size only


3. Sunset Moth

sunset moth

The Madagascan Sunset Moth, also known as, Chrysiridia Madagascariensis, or even the Malagasy Lepidoptera, is one the most colorful species found on earth. These moth are commonly mistaken for a swallowtail butterfly. These moths are active during daytime.



2. Mandarin Dragonet

Dragonet Fish

The mandarin Dragonet fish is a very beautiful fish found in the Pacific Ocean near to Australia, Taiwan and Philippines. The arrangement of the colors is very reminiscent of robes wore by a Chinese Imperial Mandarin, hence the name. The fish can grow up to 6cm long.



1. Indian Peacock

Best is saved for the last. Peacocks are beautiful birds that are widely known for their attractive tails. These tails forms 60% of its full length, and they have colorful eye markings of many colors. Indian Peacock are considered to be the most beautiful animals on the planet. It is also the national bird of India. Peacocks can be found abundantly in India.


These are not the only animals that are beautiful. There are many others who are really beautiful and have the capability to mesmerize many people with their inherent beauty like the White tiger, Bald Eagle, Panda Bear, Fennec Fox, candy crab, poison dart frog, the Arctic wolf etc.

Think we forgot one? In the comments post the your most beautiful animal picks!



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